Remote interpreting services in Portuguese

Remote simultaneous interpretation in Portuguese

An interpreter with experience working remotely for virtual meetings and events using a variety of online platforms. Rental of Zoom Business Account with HD Resolution and access to language channels available on Zoom.

Online simultaneous translation

I am an interpreter providing remote interpreting services. My ​Zoom Business Account with HD resolution allows me to use the platform’s interpreting channels. I also provide this account for clients who may need to use Zoom, but don’t have the language widget available or need technical support.

Occasionally, clients request that I train their own teams of interpreters on how to properly work on Zoom. I have also coordinated teams of language professionals during Zoom assignments, using my managerial skills, my experience as a lead interpreter, and my knowledge of the platform to ensure that virtual events run smoothly.

I have experience working with several online platforms, including: Zoom  , Webex  , Microsoft Teams  , VoiceBoxer  , Kudo  and Interprefy  . This way, I can adapt to my clients’ platform choices and still provide a seamless remote simultaneous translation service.

Through my partnership with the Interactio app  , I am also able to provide online interpretation services through platforms which do not have in-built interpreting channels or widgets. 

Zoom Business Meeting for Rent

Rent a Zoom Business Account with HD Resolution for your meeting or event. If you are organising an event on Zoom, but do not have a Business Account, get in touch today!


Remote conference interpreting services

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) is a virtual interpretation service. It allows for language interpreting to be carried out online and can be used during videoconferencing, streaming, webcasting, and other online meetings and events.

It can also be applied to onsite events, eliminating the need to have an interpreter at the location, reducing traveling costs and agglomerations.

Unlike pre-recorded simultaneous interpreting events, RSI takes place in real-time and requires the same skills as in-person interpretation.

As with all other modes of interpretation, an experienced professional is essential to ensure the success of your event. Though it is a form of simultaneous interpretation, RSI presents other challenges. 

The added difficulty of RSI is due not only to the fact that online interpretation demands more from the interpreter, but also because this service requires specific equipment and the know-how to properly use them.

A remote interpreting studio has been set up in my office so that I can provide the best-quality services to all clients in a way that is reliable and hassle-free.

For multilingual events or for clients who require larger teams of interpreters, I also organise and manage teams of qualified and experienced professionals.

Remote Interpreting done by a skilled and experienced professional is an easy and practical solution for online as well as some onsite events.

As the CEO of WordlyWise Interpreting  , I can also find an interpreter for other languages and manage teams of interpreters for multilingual projects and events. Get in touch now for a quote!