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Portuguese Interpreter

An award-winning, qualified, and experienced Brazilian Portuguese Interpreter, member of ITI and AIIC, with considerable experience in working in a variety of fields – including medical, political, legal, and corporate – and types of events, such as business meetings, workshops, summits, factory visits, interviews, conventions, trade fairs and showcases.

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I help my clients to communicate effectively between my working languages: English and Portuguese (with Spanish as a passive language) and have a fully fitted studio with professional virtual interpreting equipment. I also have my own high-quality portable simultaneous interpretation equipment, which is suitable for small and medium events.

I provide on-site interpretation and virtual simultaneous translation. I organise interpreting booths and portable equipment as well as the use of my own Zoom business account with HD resolution, with access to the simultaneous interpreting tools, meeting and webinar with large capacity.

It is extremely important to choose a trained and experienced professional, as an unprepared interpreter can jeopardize the success of a negotiation, compromise the effectiveness of a training seminar, and ruin the most well-planned events.

Being a good interpreter goes beyond having knowledge and fluency of a language, it involves training, in-depth studying of subject-specific vocabulary prior to the event, understanding of nuance and experience.

It is equally important to choose the best interpretation services for your needs. There are a few types of interpretation, which are suitable for different types of events.

Simultaneous interpretation is a mode of interpretation that takes place in real-time, with the interpreter providing a verbal translation at the same time as the original message is being delivered.

Consecutive interpretation is done in small passages and is more suitable for one-to-one meetings, consultations, and negotiations with a small number of participants. The speaker talks while the interpreter takes note and, after a few sentences, stops and waits for the interpreter to provide the translation.

In addition to providing these services, I also organise and manage teams of skilled interpreters in several languages and can offer recorded interpretation services.
This is your one-stop-shop for all your Portuguese Interpreting needs.

Different types of interpretation

Simultaneous Interpretation

Ideal for:
International & multilingual events
Sales and marketing events
Education and training
Medical conferences
Hybrid events
Virtual events 

Consecutive Interpretation

Ideal for:
Solicitor-client meetings

Liaison Interpreting

Ideal for:
Diplomatic meetings
Business meetings
Legal consultations
Factory visits 

Booths and portable equipment for rent

In need for interpreting booths or portable simultaneous interpretation equipment for small to medium conference and events? Get in touch now for a quote!


As the CEO of WordlyWise Interpreting  , I can also find interpreters for other languages and manage teams of interpreters for multilingual projects and events. Request a quote today