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Brazilian Portuguese content writer and copywriter

A Brazilian Portuguese Copywriter and Content Writer, with a passion for creative writing, a commitment to deliver the highest-quality content, and robust experience working in publishing, branding, public relations, and advertising.

Professional content and copywriter

My work is to help my clients bridge the gap between Brazil and the UK by delivering culturally sensitive and relevant copy and content. I am a professional linguist, copy and content writer, but I started my career working as a Communications Assistant and eventually moved onto publishing, branding, and marketing. As a result of working for companies like M.Books  (as PR and Press Officer) and Kimberly-Clark Brazil  (as part of their branding and marketing team), I have acquired in-depth knowledge about consumer branding, marketing, and merchandising.

I have also worked as a freelance editor for the Brazilian edition of HSBC Premier Magazine, which was published quarterly by CONDÉ NAST UK. My role included editing and writing articles, as well as commissioning stories for the magazine.

I decided to change the course of my career and to pursue my passion to become a professional linguist. When I finished my training, I discovered that my professional background was an invaluable asset in my new career. This is how I began working as a copywriter and content writer. Since then, I have been writing copy, articles, creating adverts and other promotional materials, and providing other printed and internet content in Brazilian Portuguese for clients of all sizes.

Through years of experience and continued professional self-development, I have fine-tuned my skills and creativity. I have been involved in one-off projects and worked with clients, such as SiteMinder  , who required content on a regular basis, such as this case study in Portuguese  .

I can create content based on a brief or translate, transcreate or localise existing material, according to the client’s needs. In either case, it is important to understand your target audience on a cultural level and to use creativity to provide content that is not only culturally sensitive but will resonate with your audience. By combining my native understanding of Brazilian culture with my extensive experience in adapting and creating content for Brazil has allowed me to successfully help clients reach their audience. 

Copywriting and content writing services

Since I began working with content and copywriting, I have written website content, catalogues, created names for series and books and created copy for clients working in a variety of different industries. Whether my clients work in the field of technology, automobiles, media, marketing, fashion, or publishing, I always seek to understand their needs. Throughout my career, I have written and adapted copy and campaigns for brands such as: Sony Bravia, Splenda, Land Rover  , Disney  , Dell Computers  , Netflix Brasil  , amongst others.

It is not uncommon for clients to need a combination of services. While working for Usborne Publishing  , for example, in addition to translating books, I also created titles for books and series, wrote content for apps and delivered other material in Brazilian Portuguese.

While writing copy and content, I am always attentive to the client’s branding and image. I am committed to maintaining a tone that is coherent and appropriate for their vision and intended audience. It is also extremely important for me that any content I provide be aligned with my client’s expectations and strategy.

In addition to my skillset as a linguist, I am Brazilian, with a native’s insight into the culture, values, and lifestyle. Having lived and worked in the UK for several years, I have learned to bridge the communication gaps (both linguistic and otherwise) between these two cultures. My experience in publishing, marketing, and branding has also given me the necessary know-how to develop content of various types for a variety of different purposes and audiences. 

If you need content or copy created and tailored for the Brazilian market, get in touch!