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Cross-cultural training for business communication in Brazil and UK

An experienced intercultural trainer and facilitator specialising in Brazilian and UK cultures, as well as business and management skills training. Developing and delivering training to ensure successful work cooperation and lifestyle adaptation between Brazil and the UK.

Cross-cultural business training

I develop and deliver intercultural and business management training. As a Brazil and UK business culture specialist, my workshops can be provided both in-person and virtually. I provide training via consultancy companies and directly to clients. I also adapt and translate courses for Brazilian audiences, focusing not only on the translation elements, but also the cultural localisation of the content.

Cultural understanding is a key factor for successful cooperation between people from different backgrounds. How people express themselves, how directly or indirectly they will voice their opinions, how hierarchical or individualistic their cultures are, and the level of informality they are used to dealing with are internalised factors that affect people’s behaviours and expectations. Additionally, politeness and respect can be expressed in different ways in different cultures. The last thing anyone would want is for intercultural teams to have their productivity and effectiveness diminished by misunderstandings.

Throughout my career as an intercultural trainer, I have facilitated international business relations and cultural acclimatization by helping participants understand and adapt to different environments. I have the experience and qualifications to provide training that is practical and applicable.

As a trainer, I also find it essential to be aware of individual needs, learning styles, and backgrounds. The learning environment must be safe so that no one is offended, and questions can be asked without fear of judgement. This requires the trainer to understand the cultures involved. 

Brazilian and UK business culture training

My knowledge of Brazilian and British cultures gives me insight into the specific issues that can – and often do – arise when people from these backgrounds interact. This understanding is important not only as teaching material, but also as tools that I use during my workshops. It helps me avoid causing discomfort, understand cultural boundaries, and recognize non-verbal cues during the training sessions. 

When clients have specific needs and requests, I can deliver bespoke training courses and workshops. Some clients require business-oriented workshops, others want training tailored to focus on broader aspects of living in another country, and most want something in between.

I also adapt and deliver pre-existing training material, often combining my training expertise with other skills, as I did for the Argo Group  and ELI  . I not only translated and adapted their training material, but I also provided voice-over work, produced, and delivered the training via Zoom using various interactive functions.

Cross-cultural competence can be leveraged to optimise intercultural interactions, ultimately helping you and your business to achieve your goals by avoiding unnecessary stress and misunderstandings. By investing in a specialised cross-cultural trainer, you allow yourself and your team to focus on what you do best. 

If you need an intercultural trainer specialising in Brazil and the UK, look no further. I have the qualifications and experience to give you the best custom-made workshops. Get in touch today.