Remote interpreting services in Portuguese

Consecutive interpretation services in Portuguese

As a Brazilian Portuguese Consecutive Interpreter, member of ITI and AIIC, I have vast experience across medical, political, legal, and corporate fields. I excel in high-level events like international arbitration, business meetings, workshops, summits, interviews, conventions, trade fairs, and showcases.

Portuguese consecutive interpretation services in London

I help my clients communicate effectively between my working languages: English and Portuguese, through several different services, including consecutive interpretation. As your interpreter, I would ensure precise and seamless consecutive translation, fostering effective cross-cultural communication and instilling confidence in high-level interactions.

Language is critical to success, and choosing a qualified professional to guide you internationally makes a huge difference in reaching your goals. The interpreter is pivotal in facilitating smooth and accurate communication across language barriers.

Being an excellent consecutive interpreter goes beyond language expertise. Training, in-depth study, and specific preparation for each event and task are fundamental.

As a qualified interpreter, I can comprehend and convey nuanced meanings, ensuring that the essence and context of the original message remain intact. I navigate complex terminologies, industry-specific jargon, and cultural subtleties, safeguarding against potential misinformation or miscommunication.

The work begins way before the event. I prepare myself, understanding its context and its specific terminology. Based on that, a custom note-taking strategy is made to ensure the information I render is accurate and no detail is lost in the consecutive interpretation process.

To strengthen professional relationships, foster cross-cultural understanding, and enhance overall success in international endeavours, you’ll need an expert and be sure of the right service for your needs.

While the consecutive interpretation gives you time between the speeches, the simultaneous interpretation takes place in real-time, with the interpreter providing a verbal translation at the same time as the original message is being delivered.

In the consecutive interpretation, I listen to a speech and take notes, retaining the message's key points. After a few sentences, the speaker gives me time to translate. This time lag between the speaker’s message and my rendition ensures a more accurate and precise translation, besides allowing the audience to pay attention to the speaker’s gestures and posture.

I carefully analyse the message before passing it through, offering reliable and effective communication across language barriers and promoting understanding and cooperation in various professional and social scenarios. The advantages of accuracy, clarity, cultural sensitivity, and versatility make consecutive interpreting an essential tool for successful cross-cultural interactions, such as international arbitration and dispute resolution. 

In addition to all the experience in these fields, the high-quality equipment, and all the training that makes me such a good interpreter, I am experienced in organising these processes and managing teams of skilled interpreters in several languages. This is your one-stop-shop for all your Interpreting needs.

As the CEO of WordlyWise Interpreting  , I can also find consecutive interpreters for other languages and manage teams of interpreters for multilingual projects and events. Request a quote today