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Brazilian voice-over interpreting services

A Brazilian female voice over professional, working with voice recording services in Brazilian Portuguese and British English since 2000. Years of voice training, dubbing and simultaneous interpretation with coaches from renowned institutions such as The Central School of Speech and Drama, The City Lit and London Metropolitan University.

Translate voice recordings from English to Brazilian Portuguese

I provide voice-over interpretation services, which is a combination of translation and voice-over work.

This service includes the translation of the required content and the voice recording of said content. For example, if you need a video training translated into a different language, you would need not only to have a professional translate the dialogue, but also have a voice-over artist recording the audio.

Most translators will not provide voice-over work, either due to lack of training to do so or lack of the appropriate recording equipment. On the other hand, recording artists usually will not translate the required content. It is also important to remember that, once translated and recorded, audio files will need to be edited into the required format, and I am able to provide a full solution.

Translation, recording, and editing require specific training, skills, and tools and not all professionals are able to carry out all three of these activities. I have the formation, training, tools, and, most importantly, experience to carry out all three of these roles, in accordance with my clients’ needs.

I am a qualified and certified translator and simultaneous interpreter, with years of experience providing language services and managing projects. I have also trained at The Central School of Speech and Drama  , The City Lit    and London Metropolitan University    to deliver voice-over work that is expressive, engaging, and clear in a way that feels natural.

Recorded interpretation can be carried out for a variety of different formats and I am committed to delivering all projects with the highest of quality standards. I always communicate with my clients to help them decide exactly which services or combinations of services best suit their needs.

Throughout my career I have delivered recorded interpretation work for different types of projects, including corporate videos, interviews, podcasts, telephone messages, TV dramas, documentaries, advertisements, in-flight and maritime announcements, and various promotional and training materials.

My voice-over work is usually a part of larger projects involving the translation and adaptation of content. I mainly work with Brazilian Portuguese and British English with a well-spoken and elegant accent. I have passive Spanish as a working language, which means that I understand Spanish and can provide translation and interpreting from Spanish into Brazilian Portuguese.

My clients come from a variety of industries and include Absolut Vodka  , BBC4  , AngloAmerican  , BlackBerry Application World  , Microsoft  , Miss Universe contest  , and South African Airlines  , amongst others. 

Brazilian Portuguese voice-over artist

By combining my translation and voice-over skills with professional recording equipment and audio editor, I can deliver a high-quality voice translation in a clean MP3 file, ready to be used in events, videos, podcasts and more!

Find a sample of my work below:

Brazilian Portuguese from São Paulo

British English with received pronunciation (BBC) accent 

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