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Brazilian Portuguese translation services

A multi-skilled Brazilian Portuguese linguist with years of experience translating various types of subjects, providing certified translations, delivering creative translations, and managing projects of all sizes with other language professionals..

Portuguese Translator in London

I am a qualified Portuguese Translator (Brazilian) with several years of experience translating documents and content about a variety of subjects from English to Portuguese and from Portuguese to English.

I have successfully delivered complex projects with different scopes and lengths, and I am always committed to providing a translation that reads as an original document. I have vast experience handling a variety of different file formats and I use specialist software, such as MemSource Cloud  , to speed up the process and better accommodate my clients, though every translation is provided by myself.

Before becoming a professional translator, I worked in communication and translation agencies as a Project Manager. For this reason, I not only understand how to provide high-quality translations, but can also organise teams to deliver projects in a timely manner.

While working on a project for the Tuning Academy  , for example, I coordinated a small transcontinental team to translate guides and booklets for both Tuning Latin America and Tuning Africa.

I not only have years of experience in the field of translation (including simultaneous translation, which is spoken translation, also known as interpreting), but I am also trained and qualified to provide these services with the highest level of quality. Not all professionals who provide translation services can provide interpreting services, and vice-versa, so it is important to choose the right professional for your needs.

Every project has its own specificities, so every solution is a bespoke one, crafted to fulfil the project requirements and the client’s needs. Often, clients need a combination of different services, as was the case of the London School of Economics  . They needed an entire executive MBA module focusing on public-private partnerships and concessions to be translated to Brazilian students. This involved not only the translation of the course material, but also simultaneous interpreting of the content as well as organising interpreting equipment, such as on-site booth and portable interpretation equipment.

Similarly, the 1001Inventions exhibition held in Brazil  also required a combination of different language services, including translation, subtitling, creative translation for dubbing and transcreation.

Certified Portuguese to English Translator

I am a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (MITI)  and provide certified translations of legal documents in the UK. These include birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic records, and wills, amongst others.

I follow the ITI professional code of conduct, always respecting confidentiality, and providing translating services with excellence and accuracy. 

to Brazilian Portuguese Translations

As a translator, I mostly work with the Portuguese and English language pair, though I also work with Portuguese and Spanish (with Spanish as a passive language). This means that I translate from Spanish into Portuguese, but not the other way around.

This is one of my favourite pairs of languages. The proximity of the two makes translating between them tricky and it is highly important to pay special attention to false friends; words which look and sound similar but have different meanings. It is also important to translate the content in a way that reads well in the other language.

and Transcreation Services

I provide transcreation and localisation of courses, training material, websites, marketing campaigns, apps, and other content for international brands, products and services directed at the Brazilian and UK markets.

Unlike translation, which aims to provide a highly accurate (word-for-word, when possible) version of a text in a different language, transcreation and localisation result in more loosely translated, but more culturally sensitive content.

So, what are transcreation and localisation? Though similar to traditional translation, both transcreation and localisation involved a degree of adaptation.

In localisation, there is a stronger attempt to maintain fidelity to the original text, without losing focus on the cultural specificities of the intended audience. The need for localisation may also arise from character limits imposed by specific formats, as was the case for the Dynamo Maths  when they wanted to deliver their app to the Brazilian market. The software space limits required the content to be adapted.

Transcreation maintains meaning, style, and tone to ensure that the original message is accurately delivered but allows for a greater departure from the original text in the name of cultural and contextual adaptation. For this reason, it requires a higher level of creativity than localisation.

Culture and context can be key factors in certain projects. There are instances when it is impossible to offer a straightforward translation without compromising the finished result. For example, a marriage certificate translation demands the highest degree of fidelity, but the same might be detrimental to a marketing campaign.

In many projects, not using the most relevant terms and expressions for each market can lead to missed opportunities, while failing to take culture into account can offend and alienate a target audience. Context can also determine how relevant your material is to your audience. When Argo Group  contacted me to help them take their ELI Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees   courses to Brazil, I knew that it was essential to contextualise the course material for the Brazilian work culture.

The line between transcreation and localisation is not always clear, as one project may lean slightly more to one side or to the other. My years of experience in the field make it easy for me to know which service you need. Whether you deliver content daily or weekly for the Brazilian market, I localise and transcreate copy that resonates with your client's brand and tone of voice. Your message remains faithful to its intent and style and your text is recreated in a way that is both culturally appropriate and faithful to its original meaning.

As the CEO of WordlyWise Interpreting  , I can also find translators for other languages and manage teams of translators for multilingual projects. If you are in need of translation services in Brazilian Portuguese or any other language, get in touch!