Professional interpreter for arbitration disputes

How to choose a professional interpreter for an arbitration

Choosing a professional interpreter for an arbitration case can be confusing - but it doesn’t need to be. Learn which skills and qualifications you need to look for when hiring an interpreter to help ensure the smooth running of the entire process.
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Zoom simultaneous interpretation

Zoom for multilingual interpreting: pros and cons

Clients who approach me for remote interpreting services often intend to carry out their virtual events and meetings on Zoom. The platform is used by many users around the world, but for professional language interpreters it brings its own advantages as well as challenges.
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Brazil and UK doing business

Cultural challenges in business

Culture affects all aspects of our lives, so naturally they are present in our workplaces as well. When working in a monocultural environment, misunderstandings take place on an interpersonal level, but what happens when a team needs to work with international colleagues? How can you avoid misunderstandings on a cultural level?
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Certified translation

Certified, sworn and notarised translations

Legally recognised translations are often required for official purposes overseas. Depending on the country, a certified, sworn, or notarised translation may be required, though clients often mistake these services. If you would like to learn about the differences between them and how to find a translator who can provide each type of service.
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ITI award winner 2017

In 2017 I received an interpreting award from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) for Best Performance on an Interpreting Assignment class. The award was given to me for an Amnesty International assignment which highlighted one of the unspoken challenges interpreters sometimes must face: dealing with sensitive and upsetting subject matter.
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