About Débora Chobanian

I am a Brazilian Portuguese Translator, Interpreter, and Intercultural Consultant, I work with clients in the UK, the US and throughout the Portuguese-speaking countries, amongst others. My working languages are Portuguese and English (both-ways) and Spanish (passive).

Born in the city of São Paulo, I moved to the UK in the late 1990s, after years of working in Marketing and Publishing to pursue my dream of becoming a linguist. Throughout my years working as an Interpreter and Translator, I have continued to seek out my continuous professional development and, as a result, I hold a wide range of professional qualifications.

Through my work, I have had the rich opportunity to help clients bridge language barriers between Portuguese, English, and Spanish. I have also noticed the even larger cultural barriers that jeopardise business negotiations, professional cooperation and even life for foreigners in Brazil. For this reason, I realised that having an understanding of how cultural issues affect business and negotiations could greatly benefit several of my clients and, after graduating as an Intercultural Trainer, I started to provide intercultural training as a service.

I have not left my marketing and publishing background in the past, and it has been extremely useful to me as I have expanded my work with languages to include content and copywriting.

I constantly keep up to date with the newest technologies and standards, always maintaining an active programme of professional development. Throughout my career, I have developed a strong reputation with clients for my reliability and consistently high standards.

I have also worked as a Project Manager for large language services providers. This experience has helped me cultivate the skills to organise and manage projects of all sizes and levels of complexity with success. Often, these projects involve a combination of different language services, which I know how to manage and integrate seamlessly.

Projects such as adapting ELI’s Respectful Workplace for Employees and for Leaders  for the Brazilian market, required not only translation and voice-over dubbing, but also acting as a trainer. The training involved group discussions, roleplaying activities, and interactive feedback. I was responsible for the organisation and delivering the virtual course via Zoom.

I recently had the pleasure of working for the Summit Jovem Sicredi 2021  (Youth Sicredi Summit 2021), an online event presented by body positivity activist Bielo, and aimed at young people with the purpose of encouraging their development and generating positive societal impacts. To ensure the success of the event, I worked as project manager, organised the Portuguese, English, and Spanish teams of interpreters, provided remote simultaneous interpreting, recorded voice over simultaneous interpretation, and did the editing and post-production work required for the language services.

I am also the CEO for WordlyWise Interpreting  , a language service company. Through WordlyWise Interpreting, I also organise teams of professionals who work with languages other than Portuguese and English.

I am a member of reputable professional associations, including the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)  and the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC)  , and follow their professional codes of conduct. In 2017, I was the winner of the ITI Award in Best Performance on an Interpreting Assignment  and have won other awards in previous years.

I work with private clients as well as with organisations of all sizes and will take care of your project or request with dedication and providing a high-quality service. I deliver services that actually work for my clients and provide support along the way.

Thank you for reading and I am looking forward to working with you.